Collection: Andrea Dovizioso Signature Styles

The collection’s brand ambassador is Ducati MotoGP rider Andrea Dovizioso, who has created his own sunglass style DA9001.

Just like Andrea feeds back input into the development of his MotoGP bike, he took a leading role in the design process for his signature sunglass. In visits to Mondottica’s design and development offices, he selected the colours, shape and materials of DA9001, a sleek squared-off style finished in matte black with red internals – the iconic Ducati colours – with his name stamped on the top.

Putting safety and performance ahead of aesthetics, the frame’s red mirrored lenses are non-polarised for distortion free viewing behind a visor, but in true Italian flair, they match the red temple internals.

At the heart of Andrea’s style is the Ducati spring hinge, found throughout the optical and sunglass ranges. Just as Ducati engineers constantly strive for incremental gains in performance, the newly designed hinges are an enhanced take on traditional eyewear functionality - with added motorcycle inspiration. Moving the springs to the outside of the temple provides extra force but retains high levels of comfort. Much like the suspension on a motorbike, the spring rebound and compression is controlled by a damper that is placed inside the temple. In use, both components move in sync, as if soaking up bumps on the open road.

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